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Your hosts John & Robyn
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Where to start... Thank you so much for your hospitality, help and friendship. You’ve really made me feel like part of the family, I really feel like I have had a good impression of what life is like in Rolleston.
I’m glad I drove all day to spend as much time with you as possible. I’m also sad to leave.
Thank you for making my stay in Christchurch the best possible.
Regards Ulrick, from Denmark

You  are really lovely people, helped us a lot, so we say a big “THANK YOU”.  We hope we can see each other soon somewhere.... here, in Australia but mostly in Hungary.  We would love to host you in Budapest if you come there by any chance  It was great to meet you, thank you for everything.
We wish you all the best, take care, Cheers.
Tamas, Zsuzsa and Sven from Hungary

The reception committee of 5 dogs was great!  Robyn and John you have that people power aura. I felt at home immediately by your warm welcome and caring ways. You have such a great relationship of love, respect and caring for each other, wonderful to see.  The great love you have for your children and grandchildren is always apparent in your works and actions. They are really lucky to have you in their lives.

Thank you so much for sharing your home, family, BBQ, wine, stories, conversations, animals and your time.
All the best to you and yours
Joan from Canada

What an amazing stay!  We are so blessed to have come to such a warm home filled with great conversation, ice cream and chocolate sauce and warm homemade bread.  Thanks for the butt kicking on the ping pong table and the dogs provided a warm welcome. 
Travellers who encounter your energy are so lucky and we can hope you are blessed with joy, health and great adventures.
You are always welcome in California.

Justin and Chiara from USA

It was really wonderful staying with you!
From the moment we came you let us feel like at home.  You were very kind, considerate and it is great leaving New Zealand with a good feeling your hospitality.
It was very interesting talking to you and we wish we had some more time to spend with you.
We hope you’ll come again to Israel to see how it is 30 years after you visited there. If you will remember you have friends there.  We will be more than happy to meet you again.

Liad and Alva from Israel

Thank you so much for having us here in your home!  It makes such a difference to travel when you can meet new friends.  What a great way to start our trip here in New Zealand. 
Loved sharing stories with you two.  You’ve got a lot of good ones.  And of course we loved getting in some time with your awesome animal family!!! 
Please do come through the USA and stay with us in Austin.  We can’t promise such luxurious accommodations, but we can give you a comfortable place with animals and homemade bread and lots of fun!
Hope we can run into you again before too long.

Nelson, Tammy and Alice from USA

The time here with you was great!  You made us really feel at home and we enjoyed the lovely (and very yummy) dinners, your effort to teach us in Kiwi culture and all the interesting conversation (filled with heaps of fun).
Thank you very much for your help with any kind “let’o-make-poi-stuff) and your good ideas what to visit here.

Andrea and Judith from Germany

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us.  It was absolute heaven staying with you.  John picked me up at the airport late at night.  He greeted us with a big smile and hug.  Then we arrived to your cosy and inviting home.  I was so excited to lay down on the feathered bed. Yum! Oh and then it gets better.  In the morning we were greeted with a gorgeous view of flowers in your garden and lured by the scent of fresh bread in the kitchen.  We both thought, “this feels like home.”
Thank you for creating a  warm home for travellers passing through.  I hope to see you soon in the future.

With love and big hugs Eli and Mary from America

Thanks a lot for the two very nice days we had at you place.
You   took care of us very well!
After three months travelling in a van, it was a pleasure to arrive in such a nice family, you’re very warm and welcoming people.

Greets, Valerie and Pieter from Belguim

From the first second I came to your place, I feel like home, surrounded by soo many people, dogs, puppies....
You are amazing and nice people! I am so happy I took the chance to meet you as my first New Zealander. I appreciate so much your open house.
Thank you very very much for the nice days I could spend with you, getting over my jetlag and even coming back to have Easter with your family.
Now I am sitting here again, with a glass of good wine, food in the oven, kids, dogs, everyone else around me, thank you! I feel like coming home!

Thank you Hannah from Germany

We spent such a wonderful time with you!! I must say that sometimes when you go to somebody’s house you don’t know what to do, say and if they are comfortable.... we didn’t have that feeling at all.  Every second in this house we felt relaxed like home.  You are such a wonderful couple with a beautiful family!!  Thank you for letting us be a part of it!!
Don’t ever change your vision of life and keep being happy all the time!
We love your family!!  From here to the moon and back!!!
And please come and see us in Spain or anywhere in this beautiful world! We want to spend some more time with you.

Josep and Miriam from Spain

We had a fantastic time here!  Meeting people like you guys makes our trip so much better.  It’s just amazing how friendly, helpful, open and sweet this whole family is.
Thanks for letting us stay here, it was that little “extra” that made our trip! (or maybe it also had something to do with the delicious BBQ, homemade bread and feather pillows?! It is and experience we’ll never forget)

Steven and Inne from Belguim

Thank you  both so much for your kindness and hospitality.  Having the opportunity to meet families like yourselves is the reason I travel and gives me reassuring faith of the wonderful people in this world.
You have a beautiful home, and thank you so much for taking me into it for two nights.  It was a great first impression of New Zealand.  Your helpfulness and kindness was greatly appreciated.
I hope you both have a wonderful year, and please if your ever in Canada feel free to stay.
Thanking you again for sharing your home with me and all the best.

Cheers Jaymie from Canada

We spent two weeks in New Zealand looking for a place to one day call home and I’m certain that we found it in the Christchurch area.  You have a wonderful home and an amazing life, one that I very much look forward to having for myself in a few years.  It is my greatest hope that we will one day be neighbours and bake pumpkin pies!!
I enjoyed your hospitality also. Wonderful company.
Go All Blacks!! Thanks for explaining the Rugby rules

Daniel and Rosemarie from USA

Thanks a lot for the lovely stay at your nice and peaceful place.
It was so quiet until “the polka” had to be danced.
The food was amazing and so was the company.  We really had a great end of our trip. 
We wish you all the luck for the whole family and dogs included

Frank and Natalie from Belguim

You are great persons, very warm hearted and lovely. Thank you so much for the feeling of being welcome and home.  This is very important for a travels, especially at xmas time.

Angelina from Germany

Nothing more to say, that this place has been created by its people.  Positive vibe, fantastic atmosphere, welcoming dogs.  Feels so good and natural here.

Thanks for everything Adam from Poland

I had a great time with John and Robyn and their lovely dogs and puppies.  Walking the dogs in the morning and collecting the eggs with John.
Having nice family evenings with delicious food.. morning chats and coffee.

Thanks a million Luka from Slovinia

Every traveller knows the term homesick, and family seems as a distant shape in clouds....
In this house, the clouds go away and sun, is with this family.
In my painting of life, John and Robyn were one of my bright and warm colours.

Thanks Marcia from Slovinia

We felt very welcome and at home, now we met some wonderful Kiwis that made this Christmas very special for us.
The atmosphere, the house, the garden, dogs, food and of course the people amazing!
We are very lucky to have met such open and enthusiastic people..you are always welcome in Cape town.
Merry Christmas and thank you so much!!!!

Alana and Babette from South Africa
p.s  We loved the conversations, cricket and soccer, simply everything.

We are so happy that we have met you, and really appreciate everything you do!  We love the big bed which made us very glad!
And your dogs are so cute, they made us being in a good mood.  Your BBQ was sooo delicious that we will definitively miss it!
Thank you so much for everything .

Theresa, Johannes, Tom and Lucas from Germany

Thank you so much for this wonderful stay.
We felt like in paradise when we arrived two days ago and you were waiting with a very delicious BBQ. Even the dessert was a surprise, the first day in New Zealand and we could learn what “Hoky Poky” means.  It was great to meet others at your place and to have great evening together.
To stay with you was  a wonderful start for us in New Zealand and we also like to thank you for helping to plan our trip.
We wish you and your family all the best

A big thank you, for being so wonderful Angela and Phil from Germany

Though it was a short visit, I really enjoyed staying with you!  You are very friendly and welcoming, and it felt nice because I’ve been travelling by myself.
Thanks for a wonderful stay.

Sabrina from Sweden

Thank you very much for having us for Christmas and again for our last evening in New Zealand. We had such a great time and it was so lovely to get to know you.
Hopefully we’ll see you soon in Switzerland.

Stephan and Claudia

It was best way to start our trip around New Zealand at your house.  Immediately we felt so welcomed.  As soon as we arrived we were just happy with everything.  It was a perfect evening with a nice and delicious meal and a really interesting conversation.
We thank you really much for everything.

Johannes and Julia from Germany

Thank you, thank you Robyn and John for such home style comfort for so many days.  Full of rich conversation, meals together, quiet morning in you generous home.  Anything goes was a great treat. Thanks for helping us arrange tickets for a show.
All the best in your endeavours and your travels and your very generous hosting. 

And thank you, we truly thank you both, for this homelike interlude in our travels

Corlies and Greg from USA

Thank you so much for everything.  We really enjoyed staying with you, feels like home.
We really enjoyed your company and the dinner  was lovely.

All the best for you, we hope to meet you again.

Franzi, Selina and Julia

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your hospitality.  We really enjoyed staying in such a warm (don’t mean only temperature) home and sharing a homemade meal with you and a stimulating chat.  Moments like this and people like you are what travelling is all about.  You are amazing and we’re really happy we had a chance to meet you. 

Thank you yet again.

Karolina from Poland and Jean Pierre from France